Multi-Rider Coaching Studio

Cool Breeze Cyclery was the first bike shop in the Carolinas to offer CompuTrainer cycling training co-located with the full service bike shop.

Since 2007 many of you taken advantage of our convenient cycling studio to improve your cycling performance / endurance or just escape bad weather with an indoor ride.

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with TotalCyclist to further enhance the options available to you for your indoor training. With this new partnership, you will enjoy a greater choice of cycling training course offerings, streamlined registration for classes with the innovative TotalCyclist smartphone app and the convenience of multiple CompuTrainer studios. Watch for improvements in the Lake Norman Studio of TotalCyclist over the next few months and check out the TotalCyclist website for more information.


Now you can register for your classes with the TotalCylist App!

Download the IOS TotalCyclist App:

Download the DROID TotalCyclist App:

TotalCyclist is now in Lake Norman.  Visit Cool Breeze Cyclery to start Training with TotalCyclist

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What’s Next? Tips for Making Your Off Season Productive!

It’s November-the end of the race season for most triathletes. After an extended  stretch of focused physical and mental preparation, you may find yourself asking, “What do I do now?”  You may even experience true PSB (post season blues) or PIB (post Ironman blues). You put all of your time and energy into a key event or a long season and now it’s over.  Lots of athletes feel lost and unfocused for a period of weeks after their final race.  However, there are things that you can do to make this transitional period of time productive.  Here are some suggestions of things to keep in mind as you move into your off season.

CBC Client Julie M's Beach-2-Battleship Report

Cool Breeze Coaching Client Julie M sent Coach Sarah her Beach-2-Battleship race report.  This is a great testimonial for coaches and how they help their clients reach their potential.

Thank you Sarah!

It was a totally great experience.  I started getting a nasty head and upper respiratory cold Thursday and it has gotten progressively worse each day since.  I was bummed that I felt bad on race day (sore throat, clogged ears, head ache, lungs the size of peanuts, you know typical cold stuff) , but as the cold has gotten worse I am SO GRATEFUL it didn't come on sooner than it did.  It is kicking my butt right now and I am in a self prescribed quarantine.  I will certainly take some time to rest :)

However, even with a cold (and maybe because of my cold) I feel very happy with the race.  I thought the happiest I would feel would be right at the finish line, but I have gotten happier and felt more satisfied as I have reviewed the race and my responses to the various things that happen on race day. I wish I knew how to explain this but I can't really find the words.

The results are right where I wanted (on a perfect day I would have liked to be faster on the run and I might have pushed the bike a little more), but more important than my time, I felt happy (hurting but happy) during the race and can't even express enough how much the mental preparation you had us do helped me.  When I was struggling during the run, I was able to review the various things I had planned to accomplish with the race and it kept me green in spite of sounding like a 60 year old smoker when I breathed :)  I was so glad I took the time to go over what a perfect race would be AND how I would handle the bad things.  In the past, I have always imagined what a perfect race would be but would then fall apart because my perfect race seldom falls into place - Crap happens :)  However, as old as I am, it has never occurred to me to actively prepare for the mishaps.  I guess it seemed like bad mental mojo to think of the bad things that could happen.  I had no idea how much it could help me in the race.  Funny thing is that the bad things I thought might happen (with the exception of swimming over jellies) didn't happen, but I still felt prepared to cope with the things that did happen.


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